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Is Rattan Furniture Eco-Friendly?

Nowadays rather than focusing on where the best deals are on furniture, people are now more concerned about whether the furniture they are buying was sustainably made and what the process that was taken to make it. This article should help you to gain a better understanding of the process the rattan plant goes through to produce furniture and why it is a great choice for those who are trying to be more environmentally conscious.

What is Rattan?

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Rattan furniture is produced by using materials found in a rattan plant, which is found in the jungle and is an exceptionally sustainable wood. Rattan plants are vines that climb up the tropical trees and can reach 100 metres long in the wild. When harvested, these plants can begin their journey to becoming the well known and loved furniture we have today.

How is it Made?

When the rattan is harvested, it is generally cut into 13 feet long strips and left to dry in the sun, which is an extremely eco-friendly process. Whilst drying, it is essential that they maintain their straight form so they can be used properly during the production.

After it has been dried, it is sent to manufacturers to be made into rattan furniture. This wood is extremely flexible which makes it perfect for making intricate designs on tables, chairs and many other objects. 

What Makes Rattan Furniture Eco Friendly? 

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Rattan grows extremely fast, even up to 2cm per day, meaning it is fully grown and ready to harvest within 2 years. This is extremely fast compared to other woods which can take 20-30 years.

Unlike other woods, when harvested, the rest of the forest will remain intact rather than being chopped down. This is because, in order for the rattan to grow and survive, it must use the other trees and vegetation to climb up.

From sourcing the material, to its production it is extremely sustainable but it doesn’t stop there. Once you are done with the rattan furniture, it can then be recycled since it is completely biodegradable.

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