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A Guide To Caring For Your Rattan Furniture

If you have just bought or currently have some rattan cane furniture, then it is absolutely critical that the furniture is kept in the best possible condition to prolong its life.  Here is our Kingsway Cane guide on how to care for your rattan furniture.

Should I oil rattan furniture?

Rattan furniture overtime can become dried out and start to make the furniture look old. Not only that but dried out furniture can also lead to cracking and the cane splitting.

To stop this the best method is by using linseed oil which has been boiled. By applying this once a year with a brush will keep the rattan cane furniture looking brand new.

Can you varnish rattan cane furniture?

You can varnish rattan furniture and in fact this is known as resealing. Varnish can come away and wear off over a period of time therefore it is important that you reseal your rattan furniture with varnish.

Can I leave rattan furniture in direct sunlight?

In an ideal world no, however we realise that if you have rattan furniture in a conservatory which receives a lot of sunlight then it is difficult to get away from. In short the sunlight can start to break down the cane and also dry it out. That is why you need to keep the cane furniture oiled. Also the direct sunlight could cause some natural bleaching of the cane too. 

Therefore our best advice that we could give is that where possible place any cane furniture for example a cane sofa set, in shaded areas or if you do have shutters or slat blinds just just draw them down during the sun’s brightest part of the day.

Can I get rattan furniture wet?

As rattan furniture is made from organic natural material it is not supposed to withstand extensive amounts of moisture (rain). Even though our products are mainly for indoors we realise that sometimes they may be used outside.  For example if a chair remains outside for a period of time it is highly advised that the chair’s legs are placed upon chair feet protectors so that it is raised off the ground to stop the feet getting wet and that the chair is covered with thick plastic sheeting.

Back in doors, if you spill liquids, for example a drink over the chair, you can use a lukewarm detergent mix and wash over the area. It is important though to immediately dry the area with a towel and also so gently go over the area with a low heat from a hair dryer.

Hopefully this quick guide has given you some helpful tips on how to care for your rattan cane furniture. If you ever want any further advice about rattan furniture care or questions about other products please get in touch on 0116 235 0419.

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