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Decorating Your Conservatory

Conservatories are the middle ground between your home and your garden, letting light in from the outdoors while still staying inside. This space is ideal for people who want to plant their own vegetables due to their warmth and light. Another popular option is turning your conservatory into a social space to wind down and relax but how do you decorate a space like this? 

Deciding on what style you want your room to have can be a great start. These are three popular options to help you to design your dream space.

Chambray 3 seat rattan sofa set


The contemporary style can be defined by simplicity, texture and sophistication. Sometimes people get confused and think that by adopting this modern look to your home it can look empty and cold. With the right features, it can actually make your conservatory look minimalist while still feeling homely.

Typically the main colour scheme for this style includes neutral tones such as black, white, brown and grey. However, pops of colour and geometric shapes are used to bring the room to life, for example, a butterfly chair and table, to contrast the white walls.


This is a very common look for a conservatory, it uses natural elements to complement the garden. Rattan and wicker are very popular options for the furniture because of the materials natural look. As well as appearance these materials are actually much more resistant to the sun than coloured fabrics since the colours won’t fade away. 

Adding earthy colours like browns and greens will create a nice flow to the outside. As well as this having some green plants in the room can add a nice brightening touch too.

Eva cognac rattan sofa set

English Country House

A typical English country house often reminds people of cosy spaces, floral prints and wooden furniture creating a comforting atmosphere. Like with the traditional design elements of the garden are brought into the room. With this style, floral prints are a big feature, but when choosing make sure to base your colour scheme off a traditional garden using creams, pinks and greens. 

Wooden styled furniture is also a big must, sometimes solid oak furniture can be a bit expensive, however, there are great alternatives that provide that earthy colour element. A matero set could be the perfect addition for a conservatory on the smaller side but with a bigger room you can layer the room with cushions and throws to give is a cosy atmosphere.

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