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How To Decorate My Conservatory?

Conservatories are a great bit of extra space whether you are using it as an extension of your kitchen or maybe it is just another living room, whatever it is, you want to make sure it fits in with the rest of the house. This post should help you get a few ideas for how you would like to decorate your conservatory.


Rimini rattan sofa set

There is no right or wrong to painting your conservatory different colours just advantages and disadvantages. This will go over some colours that could be a good choice for your conservatory and help you weigh out the options.


White is a colour you can’t really go wrong with, it goes with everything. This allows you to switch up furniture or flooring colours all the time and it will always look great. Although this is a classic colour that could be classed as ‘plain’ that doesn’t mean you can’t add pops of colour throughout the room in other ways.


Cream, like white, works amazingly with everything really, but due to its warmer tones, it looks great with golds and soft pinks. This colour creates a warmer feel to the room when you compare it to white but it is still light enough to make the room feel open and bright.


Having a green conservatory is a great way to tie in the outside with the inside. Green has been proven to be a very relaxing colour to have in the home and it represents growth and new beginnings making it the second most popular colour after white.

Dark Colours

Dark colours like the darker shades of grey, brown or green allow you to add depth to your conservatory. These are already rooms with a lot of light coming into them so when done correctly it can be a brilliant choice. These darker shades tend to work best on properties that are new or old houses that have been renovated to look more modern.

Bold Colours

Whether you are considering a saffron yellow or a bright turquoise wall, these bold colours can be a great addition to brighten up your conservatory. Having a bright colour like this may mean that you will be more limited when it comes to picking your furniture, however, mixing prints and colours can be a fun way to decorate your room.

Flooring Options

Havan 4 seat rattan dining set

After deciding what colour you want the walls of your conservatory you need to decide what kind of flooring you want in there too. Something you need to consider is this room will vary in temperature a lot depending on the weather outside, in summer the room will get very hot due to the large amount of glass that is usually on there. In winter it has the opposite effect and the lack of insulated walls and possibly radiators can make the room quite cold. These are some flooring options that could work well in a conservatory.


Carpets are a great option for people who want to make the room feel cosier, this is great for wintertime as well as it adds that extra element of warmth to the room. However, the downside to carpets in a conservatory is maintenance, since most conservatories have a door to the outside, when people are coming in they may end up dragging mud or dirt through the room which is something to be conscious of.


Laminate flooring is a great low maintenance option, unlike carpet, if dirt from the outside was to be brought in, it can be easily washed off. As well as being easy to clean this material comes in numerous different styles and it pretty cost-effective.


Wood isn’t the most practical option to have in the conservatory however, there are ways around it. Due to conservatories having large glass windows, it can be difficult to regulate the temperature making the wood very hot one minute which makes the floorboards expand, to being very cold the next where they contract. Blinds may help to cool a room down and radiators to heat it up but this material requires a lot more thought and care than the other options.

Furnishing Your Conservatory

coffee table and chairs set

The last step in the process is furnishing your room. Here are a few tips that will help you get a better idea of what furniture and accessories to add into this room to really bring it to life.

Cane & Rattan

Whether you are making your conservatory into a dining room, a living room or something else, there is furniture made in cane and rattan designed perfectly for it. Cane & rattan furniture is an extremely popular option in conservatories due to its durable qualities and amazing appearance.


Since the conservatory is the room that ties together the inside and the outside, greenery is a great way to make these two places look cohesive. This room will allow plants to thrive as it will never be freezing but it also gets very warm just like a greenhouse.

Contact Our Team For Cane & Rattan Furniture

If you are doing up your conservatory and you are looking for some high-quality cane and rattan furniture to go inside, here at Kingsway Cane, we will have something that is right for you. You can take a look on our website to see what we have in stock or you can give us a call on 0116 2366 726.

How to Repair & Maintain Rattan Furniture


Taking care of your rattan furniture is extremely important, however, no matter how much you look after it, eventually it will be in need of some kind of repair. It is a good idea to be aware of the issues that could arise and how to treat them which is what this article should teach you.

Typical Problems

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Rattan furniture is very durable and can last for many years, however, eventually, it will start to wear down. When this happens they will need repairing and most of the time, these repairs are fairly straight forward. These are a few of the things you should look out for as you rattan furniture ages:

Steps to Repairing

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Each problem requires a different solution in order to repair it. We will go over each possible problem that could occur and help you figure out how to fix it.

Broken or Loose Strands

After many years of use, the strands that have been weaved together may become loose. If this happens it needs to be repaired as quickly as possible before the problem gets worse. Loose strands are an easy fix and all you will need is some superglue from any supermarket and glue the strand that was loose, back into place.

If there are actually pieces that have broken off and are now missing, you can replace this with some new material instead. You can usually find this from a local craft store or even online. Once you have the new piece of material, you can cut off any broken material if there is any and then work on weaving in that new material and glueing it in place.

Loose or Worn Out Screws

Loose or worn out screws, again will just naturally happen over time. If the screws are loose this is a straight forward fix. All you will need to fix it is either an allen key or a screwdriver, whichever the screw needs, and they tighten it up using this.

If the screw is worn out you can simply remove the worn-out ones and replace with new ones which you can find from your local DIY store.

Worn Out Feet

If you notice that when you are sitting on your rattan chair or at the table, it slightly wobbles, it may have a foot which is a bit worn out. This is an easy fix. You can purchase new legs or plastic glides from your local DIY store.

Maintaining Rattan Furniture Tips

Merida rattan dining set

Of course, eventually, your rattan furniture which needs a bit of repair, however, there are some things you can do which will keep your furniture in good condition for as long as possible. These are some tips to prolong the life of your rattan furniture:

Gently Clean

Make sure you dust your furniture regularly, some polish can be used sparingly but it isn’t necessary. As well as dusting it, you can also clean it with a wet cloth but make sure it isn’t too wet, however, if this happens it isn’t the end of the world, just make sure to dry it somewhere warm like outside in the sun.

If you even notice that mildew or mould growing on the furniture, make sure to treat it immediately, you can use a bleach solution to treat the affected area and leave it to dry in the sun. 

Lift When Using

Dragging the furniture around can cause fibres to split so it is best just to lift it up when moving it instead.


Rattan fibres can fade in strong light over time. If you are able to rotate the positioning of your furniture regularly, this could help a lot. This way it isn’t exposed to as much light, another solution is installing blinds to cover the furniture occasionally.

Contact Our Team

If you are looking for some cane or rattan furniture? Whether it is a sofa set or dining table you are looking for, we have it, get in touch with us on 0116 2366 726 or fill out our online contact form for more information.

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